Old mighty oak tree in Latvian countrysideCreate your personal Executive Coaching & Leadership development package to meet your individual needs.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your tailor-made, personal development package that gives you the support that you want during a certain time frame.

Following 3 main packages were developped through conversations with and feedforward from my clients, co-coaches, my own experiences and observations.

Portrait of a young business man looking depressed from work isolated over white background in studio

1. Executive Speed Coaching
Your immediate mirror and support in times of urgencies/crisis.
You feel blocked, stuck and want an immediate remedy.
3 sessions à 2 hours, Duration: 1 month


happy young business man portrait in bright modern office indoor2. Sustainable Leadership Development
Your sounding board to test your way of thinking, strategies as well as decision making. To think things through. Thoroughly.
I ask brave questions others do not dare to ask.
12 sessions à 1.5 hours, Duration: 6 months


Two businesswomen speaking at meeting or during break

3. Transition Times, Unlimitted Support

Your versatile, steady rock when a lot of things around you change. 
Incl. unlimitted e-mail access.
18 sessions à 1.5 hours,  Duration: 9 months


We believe that every human has potential for learning and development. Under the right circumstances and a nourishing environment the potential can be unlocked and thrive.”
This is why we are in business;  to help you, your team and colleagues to unlock your potential and to co-create a flourishing business environment. Yes, it is true, these skills can be transferred to your personal life as well.